Free Shipping: All orders over $199 qualify for free shipping.

Normal Charges: The standard fee is $30 worldwide.

The possible shipping methods for your country are listed in the section below. The above-mentioned Estimated Time of Arrival is an approximate arrival time according to the conventional delivery format; however, it may be delayed from the date of dispatch due to any disruption in postal services caused by weather issues, natural disasters, custom formalities, and other factors.

If you have not received your item, or if the shipper has notified you that your cargo has been placed on hold, delayed, or returned to sender, we strongly advise you to contact us at, and we will make every attempt to resolve any shipping-related concerns as soon as possible.

Delivery dates and costs vary by country; you may estimate your delivery charges on the basket page using our shipping calculator.

It should be noted that the normal regular shipping time with EMS is 10-20 days (Delivery may take 30 days from the date of Dispatch, due to if any disruption in postal services due to weather issues or natural disasters etc.)